10 great reasons why you should choose Implant Centre Martinko


1. High quality at affordable prices
High quality at affordable prices
Implant Centre Martinko performs dental implantology treatments at affordable prices. Our experienced dentists, specialized laboratory and highly skilled medical staff are a good reason why you should choose to have your dental work done at our clinic.
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2. Great results in the least amount of time

We at Implant Centre Martinko dedicate ourselves to the individual needs of our patients and are particularly intent on obtaining the best possible results for them. Our dental procedures are completed in the least possible amount of time without unforeseen delays and last minute difficulties.
3. Organized transport

We offer the service of organized transport from major airports or train stations close to Zagreb (Venice, Ljubljana, other airports in Croatia) to our clinic. This is a return trip and the cost of this service depends on the distance and the number of people using it. Transport from Zagreb airport, train and bus stations to our clinic is free.
4. Free accommodation

We offer free accommodation to our patients and their companions during their treatments at our clinic. The apartments are well equipped and located in a quiet neighborhood, close to our headquarters. In case all the apartments are occupied, we will put you up in a hotel, at our expense.
5. Qualified and caring staff

Our dentist, our nurses and the office personnel are all highly qualified professionals. With an excellent knowledge of the English language we are able to assist you in all the phases of your dental treatment, from the initial contact to the completion of your dental work.
6. Accurate and fast diagnosis
Accurate and fast diagnosis
In order to provide our patients with a complete and accurate diagnosis we use only the best equipment such as RVG, RTG, CT.
7. Dental implants of the highest quality
Dental implants of the highest quality
For the procedures of dental implantology we use the highest quality dental implants made by the Swiss producer Straumann. With over 20 years of proven clinical research behind it and with a constant flow of independent scientific publications, Straumann is one of the most extensively documented implant systems available today.
8. State of the art dental laboratory
State of the art dental laboratory
Our dental lab, where all the dental surrogates (crowns, bridges, fixed and mobile dentures) are manufactured is situated close to the clinic. This facilitates the successful completion of the treatments.
9. Satisfied patients
Satisfied patients
I would like to thank Dr. Martinko and the entire staff for their utmost professional work they have done as well as the attention they have dedicated to me. Dental implant treatment, which was the reason I first contacted Dr. Martinko, was performed very attentively and I was informed in detail on every stage of the procedure. The fact that I had to travel to Zagreb twice showed to be a benefit as Zagreb is a wonderful city, its people very friendly and "strukle" a fantastic discovery!"
Morena G. Italy
10. Tourism in Croatia
Tourism in Croatia
Croatia is famous all over the world for its beautiful beaches and important artistic and cultural monuments. Zagreb is well connected to all parts of Croatia and it is only 150 km away from the nearest seaside town. By choosing to have your dental work done in our Centre you can also grasp the opportunity to visit some of our countries beautiful heritage sites: visit our medieval castles and natural parks, or live it up on your choice of our one thousand islands.