How periodontal treatment looks like?

With this dental treatment we remove tartar that has formed under the gums on the surface of the teeth. This deep-cleaning method is done by scraping the surface of the tooth under the gums mehanically or treating it with laser. As we said, we need to do that since tartar is a great base for bacteria which are coming from mucus and other particles and if we don't remove it in time they start to cause trouble and all kinde of nflammations.
The treatment is always done under local anaethesia and it can be done with the dental tartar pik or with the laser. We are doing that procedure with combination of those two technics becase we have best results like that.

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Curettage procedure

  • A - We measure pocket depth with probe
  • B - With laser we remove part of the diseased tissue and we kill bacteria at the same time
  • C - We remove root surface tarter with ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments
  • D - With laser we finish cleaning pocket and it aids in sealing the pocket closed so new bacterias cannot enter
  • E - Le gengive accrescono sulla superficie pulita dei denti
  • F - Then is the period of healing of gums to the clean root surface
  • G - Healing complete