Sinus floor elevation - Sinus lift

Sinus lift


Unfortunately, when we lose a tooth, the bone that once supported it loses its volume. Dental implants cannot be inserted if there is not enough bone volume to support them. In order to proceed with dental implantology in the upper jaw, a sinus floor augmentation procedure or a sinus lift needs to be performed.

What is the sinus lift procedure?

The sinus floor augmentation procedure (sinus lift) is a painless, routine treatment performed under local anaesthesia. Before the treatment the patient does not need to undergo any special kind of preparation. The success rate of this operation in our centre is 97% (the same as for dental implant placement) and the implants inserted in the newly formed bone have the same duration as those inserted in an already existing, healthy bone.

The materials used to create the new bone can be synthetic, such as BioOss, bonecermaic, grafton (just to name a few). There is also a possibility to use the patients' own bone (bone allograft) taken from the lower jaw, ground and placed in the sinus.

In most cases it is not necessary to use the patents' own bone, and in cases where there are at least 2 mm of bone, implants can be inserted during treatment which greatly shortens the time in which the patients get their new and strong teeth.
Sinus lift

If this seems complicated, we can assure you that it is not: the treatment begins with the opening of the gums at the border of the nasal sinus. The treatment consists of raising the sinus membrane in order to insert the granules of the artificial bone. After the granules are inserted, the opening is sutured.

The first image shows the state of the bone before the sinus lift treatment. In the areas where the implants will subsequently be added there are only 2-4 mm of bone.
From the next image we can see how after the sinus lift procedure the new bone is now 12 mm high.

Six months after the procedure two Straumann implants are inserted (12 and 10 mm) and three months later a dental bridge is placed on them.